Fujitsu Frontech North America

We build trust in society through innovation

What We Do

At Fujitsu Frontech North America, we connect people, technology and ideas. We transform businesses and enhance customer experiences through innovative solutions and unique integration capabilities. Our products include currency handling equipment, self-checkout systems, biometric authentication technology, and RFID tags and solutions.


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Established 1935

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140,000+ employees worldwide

500+ retailers served

100+ country locations

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At Fujitsu Frontech North America, we are leading the digital transformation of retail, healthcare, banking, hospitality, and all the industries we serve. Our goal is to solve the challenges that businesses face through cutting-edge technology while creating memorable experiences for consumers. Read our latest news to see how our achievements are shaping the digital future.

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Our purpose is to build meaningful connections between people and technology. To make this happen, we employ people who share our vision for the future, people who recognize the vital role technology plays in making the world a better place, people who are eager to innovate. Interested in helping shape the digital future? Check out our latest job postings.

Meet our leaders

Shuhei Oyake
President & CEO

Mahito Mori
Chief Financial Officer & Vice President

Dick Zarski
Senior Vice President, Supply Chain

Bob Brower
Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing