Fujitsu F50

Now There’s Fujitsu. With over 30 years of experience in designing and building media dispensing devices of legendary quality, Fujitsu has expanded the family of products available to its OEM sales channel to meet the needs of a greater number of applications.

The Fujitsu Model F50 media dispenser offers tremendous features at a very low price point – all without any sacrifice of quality or reliability. Compact in size, but packed with functionality, the F50 will drive down your production costs and decrease the total cost of ownership for your customers through higher reliability and reduced maintenance.

High-end Features at Low Cost. The F50 offers many features usually found only on more expensive units. For example, double-pick detection ensures proper media dispensing, and advanced onboard and remote diagnostics provide the ability to detect sensor problems before actual failure. Best of all, the F50 is a solid, rugged, industrial grade unit that will last.

The F50 also provides you with maximum flexibility in product design. It can be installed in either a wide-and shallow or a narrow-and-deep profile by using the available front or side delivery tray. The adjustable storage bin can be used for a variety of media sizes enabling you to use the same dispenser for domestic or international currency.

Products that Meet Your Customer’s Need. Small foot-print, high-end features, reliability, low maintenance – now you have the opportunity to get an advanced, flexible media dispenser at an entry-level price and better satisfy the cost-of-ownership requirements of your customers.

Economical, Compact, Single Cassette Media/Currency Dispenser
  • Economical
  • Compact
  • Rear spray or integrated tray option
  • One denomination support
  • High-end features
  • Cost efficient
  • Easy integration
  • Target applications include low-end ATMs, bill breakers and media dispensers…etc.
  • On board and remote diagnostic tools for quickly diagnosing and resolving issues
Fujitsu F50 table
Fujitsu F50