Fujitsu G651

Second Generation. The Fujitsu cash handling technology has evolved into the second generation. The bill transport performance improved by the analysis of various kinds of banknote conditions and operational needs worldwide contributes to accomplishing a higher stability of equipment performance.

Fujitsu Commitment. Bill Acceptance/Sorter Module is backed by the Fujitsu team of experienced, dedicated professionals who are committed to bringing you the devices you need to create solutions that will help your customers succeed. Tell us about your unique OEM requirements and make Fujitsu a part of your team.

Main features:

  • High security
    • The module structure to place its entire unit in the UL and/or the CEN-4 compliant safes
    • Advanced banknote validation
    • Easily built into “Through-the-Wall” kiosk or bill payment devices
  • Quick kiosk development
    • Slot-type acceptor (4 length options) with design affinity of familiar cash acceptor and bill payment devices
    • Compact size module with slide rails
    • Compliant to the world standard CEN/XFS 3.0, and USB1.1 interface
  • High flexibility
    • The deposit cassette can be configured in any combination from 1 cassette to 4 cassettes
  • Easy maintenance
    • Easy to remove jammed papers from the safe by pulling out the entire module
High Flexibility Multi-Cassette Bulk Note Acceptor/Sorter
  • Bulk Note Acceptor/Sorter
  • High solution development using Fujitsu developed CEN XFS Service Providers
  • Encrypted Communications
  • Leverage many of same modules as Fujitsu G610 and G611 Bill Recycling Units
  • On board and remote diagnostic tools for quickly diagnosing and resolving issues