Fujitsu Ventur™

Experience Better Currency/Coin Handling with Ventur™
Ventur is designed with Fujitsu legendary quality and reliability in mind. From the heavy-duty slide rails to ensure ease in racking in and out devices, to the ruggedness of the galvannealed steel enclosure, your investment will be well protected.
If your program requirements change or grow in the future, so can the devices and components in Ventur. The GSR50 cash recycler and the F53 bill dispensing unit can be upgraded with a simple field visit. To protect what you put inside Venture you can choose a UL rated business hours or 24-hour rated safe and lock. You can select key lock, combination or electronic locks to manage access to your safe contents.
To speed your solution to market and reduce your integration costs, you can leverage Fujitsu’s robust Software Development kit in middleware, proven to lower development costs and shorten go to market time by 70%.
If you are unsure about your program requirements, speak to a Fujitsu account manager. He can leverage from a team of qualified experts who have over 35  years in the retail business.
Enhanced Functional Features
  • Support Fujitsu currency and third party coin handling devices into one, small secure platform for multitude of applications
  • Available in single (Min) or multiple (Max) component configurations
  • UL business hours or 24-hour rated safe option with key or  electronic  combination locked enclosure to protect your cash and discourage theft
  • Manufactured with heavy-duty  galvannealed steel,  with ruggedized slide rails to safely rack out/in components for service or replenishment.
  • Available with Fujitsu’s robust SDK in middleware facilitating more rapid integration with your application software.
  • Can be manufactured or “wrapped” for promotional purposes allowing the unit to be customized for each customer.
  • Investment protected as platform and all components 100% Fujitsu lifecycle managed.
  • Speed time to market and lower development costs by when using Fujitsu’s Software Development Kit.
  • Moves OEM and integrators up the value chain by offering a near go-to-market-ready component
  • Add Fujitsu value-add components like the AIO PoS CPU or Impulse™ to provide a lower-cost self-checkout, payment terminal or smart safe.
  • Allows OEMs and integrators to focus on what they do best: provide value add application software instead of the hassle of sourcing safes and enclosures
  • Integrate components in Fujitsu’s standard single or mulitple component enclosures or work with Fujitsu to produce your own custom design.