Challenges the Healthcare Industry Faces

Patient MisId

Patient Misidentification

Manual patient identification processes that many hospitals use can lead to patients being matched with the wrong records, causing overlays and duplicate records, and jeopardizing patient safety


Identity Theft and Fraud

Millions of people are impacted each year by thieves who use their names and health insurance numbers to see doctors, obtain prescription drugs, and file insurance claims

check in

Slow & Inconsistent Check-in Process

Checking into a hospital can involve long processes and the exchange of sensitive information, causing many patients to be frustrated and concerned for their privacy

Fujitsu Healthcare Solution


What is PalmSecure?

  • Biometric authentication system based on vascular recognition technology
  • Creates unique biometric signature using vein pattern that resides in a palm to accurately verify a person’s identity
  • Fast, reliable, hygienic and easy-to-use biometric authentication

Technology Background

  • Technology is more than 15 years old
  • More than 350 hospitals and 22 million patients in the US are using PalmSecure  for patient registration
  • Deployed by Financial institutions worldwide for ATM & Staff ID applications
  • More than 70 school districts in the US using in lunch lines

PalmSecure Benefits