Get more from your BTM or kiosk network with Fujitsu’s family of currency-handling products

BTM popularity is on the rise.
Are you prepared to face the competition?

BTM deployments are growing rapidly throughout the world. How are you gaining a competitive edge?
End users want to be able to perform fast transactions with multiple payment options. Fujitsu’s industry-leading cash-handling products offer full currency recycling with lightning quick withdrawals and deposits, and have a high capacity so you can keep your devices running for all transaction types 24/7.
Deployers and manufacturers want proven hardware that makes service and support as simple as possible. Fujitsu’s innovative family of products feature a modular design that allows for easy access when service is necessary.
crypto ATMs are installed per day
crypto ATMs installed worldwide

Currency Management Products

Fujitsu’s family of cash management products are designed to meet your requirements,
no matter where you require automated transactions 

Fast, configurable, reliable


High-end cash management

G960 Fujitsu

Back office cash management

Fujitsu F53

Economical cash dispenser

Fujitsu F56

Bunch cash dispenser

Fujitsu F510

Configurable cash dispenser

Why Vault Logic chose Fujitsu

When Vault Logic was building its Next Gen ATM, the company wanted to offer fully automated currency recycling at all times of the day. To offer end users the ability to perform tasks like buying cryptocurrency with cash on demand, Vault Logic chose the Fujitsu GSR50 currency handling component. 

   Contactless Biometrics, Hygienic Solutions

Help keep customers and end users safe by reducing contact with shared surfaces. Fujitsu PalmSecure is a highly secure, completely hygienic solution that simplifies authentication processes. 
PalmSecure reads the unique palm vein patterns hidden under the skin to accurately identify and verify individuals. It can be easily integrated with your BTM or kiosk.

   Ready to learn more?

To learn more about how we can help you get the most out of your BTM or kiosk network, click on the button below to message Eric Bonn at Fujitsu today. Eric is an expert in the needs of BTM and kiosk manufacturers. He has helped many of our partners successfully integrate proven solutions for automating cash transactions at cryptocurrency kiosks.