U-SCAN Mini-Express

Compact, configurable Self-Checkout solution

Compact Self-Checkout

The U-SCAN Mini-Express was designed from the ground up for maximum flexibility. The compact size makes self-checkout a viable option no matter the available space in the store. Designed for credit and debit transactions only, the U-SCAN Mini-Express is about half of the size of the average self-checkout.

Mini-Express V

U-SCAN Mini-Express Configurations

Designed to offer speed, convenience and compact size in multiple configurations, the U-SCAN Mini-Express optimizes front-end options while driving more traffic through self-checkout. With U-SCAN Mini-Express, retailers can drive down costs while enhancing the customer experience.

Mini Express Verticle

U-SCAN Mini-Express Vertical

The pedestal design allows for placement in virtually any retail environment while maximizing space. The state-of-the-art design
allows retailers to fit nearly twice as many units in a desired space.

Mini-Express Fujitsu

U-SCAN Mini-Express Bioptic

The Mini-Express Bioptic offers a sleek, compact self-checkout experience with full scanner scale and bag scale options to accomodate all types of self-service transactions.

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