4 Applications for Fujitsu Self-Checkout Solutions

Self-checkout solutions are an easy way to increase efficiency in any retail environment, especially with Fujitsu, a leader in retail self-service.

Self-checkout was once a novel luxury, but it is now a consumer expectation in most retail environments. With competition coming from both physical and online retailers, speed is increasingly important in self-checkout.

For more than 20 years, Fujitsu has been a leader in retail self-service. Fujitsu’s line of self-checkout solutions can increase efficiency in any retail environment, including Convenience Stores, Quick-Service Restaurants (QSR), Grocery, and, now more than ever, Specialty Retail.

Convenience Stores

No one expects to wait in lines at convenience stores. Checkout speed is important to keep lines moving and customers satisfied. When customers see lines growing, they will be more inclined to drop their items and leave. Fujitsu’s Impulse is ideal for convenience store self service.

The Impulse is Fujitsu’s smallest self-checkout solution to date, allowing it to fit into compact front ends. The express checkout station is designed to maximize merchandising, increase advertising space and keep queues low. Its intuitive interface and unique design allow attendants to swing the station around to be used as a regular checkout lane when necessary.

Quick Service Restaurants (QSR)

Self-checkout stations are quickly transforming the QSR environment. As the term QSR indicates, customers visiting a QSR expect to be served quickly. Congestion and lines can frustrate people who expect to grab food and go, especially during peak meal times.

Self-service stations installed at QSRs help manage and prevent congestion, effectively reducing the amount of people waiting in line and standing at the counter waiting for food. Additionally, self-service stations at QSRs divert attention away from traditional checkout lanes. When employees are able to focus on food preparation, order capacity increases. Restaurants are able to serve more customers, and customers are more satisfied with the QSR experience.


Consumers at grocery stores expect a reliable, elegant self-checkout solution. The U-Scan Genesis II fulfills customer expectations with a familiar, ergonomic design.

The Genesis II can be configured to retailers’ unique requirements, including single-, dual- or four-bag scale systems. Speedy “above scanner” bill and coin accepting and dispensing units make payment fast and simple for all users. With a compact footprint, configurable bagging modules and available lane light, the Genesis II delivers exactly what consumers and grocery retailers expect from a self-checkout solution.

Specialty Retail

As challenges continue to arise in Specialty Retail, more stores are adopting self-checkout technology to reduce lines and speed up the checkout process. More importantly, self-checkout allows Specialty Retail shops to reallocate scarce resources elsewhere.

Fujitsu’s U-Scan Mini Express and U-Scan Mini Express RFID offer retailers solutions focused on consumer behavior. Built to maximize floor space and blend in with store design, these cashless self-checkout stations help retailers increase sales, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

The U-Scan Mini Express RFID re-invents the self-checkout experience by eliminating the need for customers to remove items from their basket and scan individual barcodes. All items can be scanned simultaneously within seconds with RFID tags embedded on items or tags.

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