Fujitsu demonstrates new technologies at NRF that address Pain Point for Retailers: Improve Retail Self-Checkout Experience

Patented technology in RFID Gateway at Self-Checkout reads RFID tags quickly and reliably without removing articles from Basket

Foothill Ranch, CA. January 10, 2019 — Fujitsu Frontech North America Inc., a leader in innovative technology and front-end solutions is previewing the Future of Retail Store Automation in its booth # 4405, at the National Retail Federation Show and Exhibition (Retail’s Big Show), January 13-15, 2019 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City. The highlighted demonstration, the Fujitsu RFID Gateway Self-Checkout enables shoppers to checkout without removing items from their basket while avoiding the long lines at POS. The customer simply moves the shopping basket into the RFID gateway, presses scan, and all of the articles are read within a few seconds with high accuracy.

To facilitate payment at the gateway, Fujitsu is demonstrating the SecurPay™ Plus solution, a multi denomination cash and coin solution that will make payment quick and convenient. The SecurPay™ solution, a non-coin version, will also be demonstrated. . Once payment is made, a receipt is delivered, the doors to the gateway open automatically and the customer is free to leave the store quickly. To complement the RFID Gateway Self-Checkout, Fujitsu is also
previewing a RFID Self-Checkout version that is more appropriate for smaller format specialty or apparel stores using the Fujitsu U-Scan™ Mini-Express Vertical Self-Checkout device that is cashless.

“Fujitsu’s unique application of RFID patented technology addresses one of the major pain points of Retailers: checkout speed. Instead of customers having to remove each article for checkout in the front of store, now they can simply leave items in their basket, bag or box, checkout in seconds and be on their way”, says Michi Sugawara, President and CEO of Fujitsu Frontech North America Inc. “We are currently speaking to major retailers who would like to improve their
customers’ checkout experience by conducting a proof-of-concept for these solutions.”

In addition to those mentioned above, Fujitsu will be demonstrating several more solutions including how to easily track and authenticate Fashion items by embedding RFID tags in Fashion and Formalwear. For retailers that have multiple POS stations, and cash is distributed and settled in the back office, Fujitsu will have a Paragon™ Series cash handling system from its partner, Revolution Retail Systems, featuring a Fujitsu G750 bill recycling unit. And finally, for Retailers that require more security and more convenience with no passwords required for customers and store associates, Fujitsu is demonstrating a multi-modal, cloud-based identification and Single Sign-on System based on Fujitsu’s PalmSecure® biometric palm vein technology.

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