Fujitsu Frontech North America Inc. Announces U-Shop Mobile Application Allowing Retailers to Deliver Contactless Shopping Experience on Smartphones

Foothill Ranch, CA, February 3, 2021 —Fujitsu Frontech North America Inc., a leader in innovative technology and front-end solutions, continues to guide the digital transformation of retail technology by introducing U-Shop, a mobile application designed to allow retail customers to easily manage their
shopping experience on their own mobile devices.

As the landscape of retail continues to change at a rapid pace, customers are increasingly demanding expanded levels of seamless self-service options and contactless offerings throughout their retail journey. U-Shop is designed to address these new retail challenges head on by providing shoppers with a user-friendly experience on the devices that they are already accustomed to using. With U-Shop, the experience is as familiar as any other smartphone app and always available.

U-Shop mobile eliminates friction at self-checkout and drives customer loyalty by giving customers the ability to choose an autonomous shopping experience. With U-Shop’s Scan’n’Go capabilities, customers can easily scan products on their iOS or Android devices as they walk through the store, and quickly finalize the transaction by paying at a self-checkout station. U-Shop’s optional ASSIST functionality allows shoppers to complete the self-checkout experience by using their device to drive the process, completely avoiding the need to touch the screen. The intuitive experience allows customers to engage with retailers on their own terms, on their own devices, and complete their order with little or no contact with shared system surfaces.

As part of Fujitsu S3, U-Shop is designed to simplify integration, deployment, and development for retailers. S3 is a suite of modular hardware and software building blocks built to be used easily together for complete in-store solutions or integrated individually into a retailer’s existing technology footprint to augment their in-store capabilities, even in non-Fujitsu POS/Self-Checkout environments. U-Shop exemplifies S3 – Self-Service Simplified by facilitating a hygienic method for in-store shopping, reducing queues by speeding up transaction times at self-checkout, and increasing customer satisfaction by
redirecting labor to customer-facing activities.

“Learning curves create frustration, and frustration creates lost business. As part of our digital solutions suite Fujitsu S3, U-Shop drives adoption by delivering the intuitive experience today’s customers expect directly on their own devices. U-Shop eliminates the learning curves associated with typical self-service
technologies while helping retailers improve operational processes with little to no impact on their existing in-store infrastructure,” said Michi Sugawara, President and CEO of Fujitsu Frontech North America Inc.

Fujitsu S3 empowers retailers by allowing them to provide customers with a single familiar experience across the entire store, regardless of the vendor. Retailers can maximize their existing investments by implementing just a few components of the S3 platform that will adapt through flexible integrations to
their current environment.

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