Fujitsu Frontech North America Inc. Launches Next Generation of Self-Service with U-SCAN Elite Hybrid Self-Checkout Solution

U-SCAN Elite is designed with a minimized aesthetic for maximum flexibility so retailers can reduce costs and streamline cash management. After all, why be ordinary, when you can be Elite?

Foothill Ranch, CA, April 13, 2021 — Fujitsu Frontech North America Inc., a leader in innovative technology and front-end solutions, is continuing its commitment to transforming retail with the introduction and release of U-SCAN Elite as our sixth-generation self-checkout unit. Built with the FUJITSU Cash Automated Solution SmartCASH® as its foundation, U-SCAN Elite has the smallest footprint of any high-capacity bill and coin recycling self-checkout solution on the market. U-SCAN Elite is designed from the ground up for maximum flexibility in available options and configurations, allowing retailers to augment front-end space and reduce operational costs while enhancing the customer experience. The forward-thinking design ensures that U-SCAN Elite can easily adapt with the speed of change in retail, whether operating with our robust U-SCAN software solution or one of our software partner solutions.

As the expectations of retail shoppers evolve at an increasingly rapid pace, U-SCAN Elite was purposefully engineered to simplify upgrading and modifying the device well into the future without sacrificing the minimalist design and build quality that has established Fujitsu’s heritage reputation. Fujitsu prides itself on maintaining and upgrading a large fleet of legacy self-checkout systems, many still in service 20 years later. With no forced upgrades and on-going support, retailers choose Fujitsu knowing their investment is secure for the long haul.

“We have had a long-term relationship with Fujitsu for all of our self-checkout needs for years, and we are very excited about their next generation U-SCAN Elite solution. The new design, small-footprint and full bill and coin recycling are extremely appealing both to our customers and our store teammates as we refresh our in-store technology and grow our self-checkout installed base following our successful pilot installation. Our team is thrilled to be a part of this global Fujitsu U-SCAN Elite introduction to the market,” Dave Steck, Vice President of IT Infrastructure and Application Development of Schnuck Markets, Inc. said.

As part of the S3 line of self-service products, U-SCAN Elite exemplifies unified commerce hardware solutions. In utilizing the SmartCASH® module as its base, U-SCAN Elite allows retailers to deploy a single common cash recycling platform throughout the entire retail environment – at self-service touchpoints and even on attended cashier lanes. Built on the concept of Self-Service Simplified, S3 solutions are designed to simplify integrating, deploying, and even developing self-service solutions. By providing streamlined cash management with the SmartCASH cash box module, U-SCAN Elite facilitates a fast, hygienic method for all in-store cash payments while allowing retailers to reduce labor management and enhance security and CIT processes.

“Retail is a constantly evolving landscape of technology-driven customer interactions balanced with operational efficiency improvements. For retailers, self-checkout solutions must be adaptable for legacy integrations and future-proofed for tomorrow’s unknowns. U-SCAN Elite provides the flexibility and reliability necessary to meet increased demands for seamless self-checkout while improving retailers’ bottom line,” said Shuhei Oyake, President and CEO of Fujitsu Frontech North America Inc.

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