Fujitsu Frontech North America Inc. Launches SmartCASH® Payment Module as Part of Fujitsu S3, Our New Unified Hardware and Software Retail Technology Platform

Fujitsu SmartCASH® full recycling payment module drives lower in-store operational costs by providing front-end high capacity recycling in smallest footprint in the industry, matched with safe, hygienic cash payments for your cashiers and customers.

Foothill Ranch, CA, February 3, 2021 —Fujitsu Frontech North America Inc., a leader in innovative technology and front-end solutions, is once again guiding the digital transformation of in-store technologies with Fujitsu S3. Built on the concept of Self-Service Simplified, S3 solutions are designed to simplify integrating, deploying, and even developing self-service solutions. S3 modular hardware and software building blocks are built to be used easily together for complete in-store solutions or integrated individually into a retailer’s existing technology footprint to augment their in-store capabilities.

Launching today as part of S3 is the FUJITSU Cash Automated Solution SmartCASH®. SmartCASH full recycling payment module is the world’s most compact standard capacity bank note and coin recycler on the market – highly configurable to maximize capacities and meet operational needs. SmartCASH is designed to be deployed quickly for in-counter Point of Sale cash automation or as a complete free-standing Self-Checkout configuration. SmartCASH reduces operational costs while enhancing the customer experience by providing a single cash automation solution across the entire store – self-service touchpoints and attended cashier lanes.

Built to provide streamlined cash management in any store format, SmartCASH allows retailers to reduce labor management and enhance security and CIT processes. SmartCASH also facilitates a safe, hygienic method for all in-store cash payments. Your cashiers never touch the cash – all payments and change can be managed through SmartCASH. With SmartCASH, retailers can increase revenue potential, realize rapid ROI, and focus on what really matters: the customer experience.

“Fujitsu S3 and Fujitsu SmartCASH strengthen our commitment to solving challenges retailers encounter when balancing customer interactions with operational efficiency. Designed for Self-Service Simplified, Fujitsu S3 offers retailers modular hardware and software solutions, including SmartCASH, that provide the flexibility and reliability they need to reduce friction throughout the entire customer journey and future proof their environment without requiring exorbitant investments,” said Michi Sugawara, President and CEO of Fujitsu Frontech North America Inc.

Fujitsu S3 removes the friction from the customer journey by ensuring every time a customer chooses self-service at any in-store touch point, the experience is as familiar as a smartphone, the data is consistent as a profile, and the technology is always reliable. Retailers can confidently know they are engaging with their customers, not frustrating them with a learning curve for each new solution.

To deliver on this promise, Fujitsu has developed modular hardware, like SmartCASH, and software solutions designed to work interconnectedly with Fujitsu or other existing products. This allows retailers to provide a single familiar experience to their customers across the entire store. Flexible hardware and software solutions allow retailers to maximize their existing investments by implementing components of Fujitsu S3 that will easily adapt to their current environment. Retailers can add on only the modules they need, as they need, to solve their in-store challenges in a digital society and adapt to evolving customer expectations.

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