Fujitsu Store Technology Innovations at NRF 2020

Fujitsu Frontech North America's top-of-the-line store technology will be revealed at NRF 2020.

The digital age has transformed the retail experience. Consumers today are more informed and view traditional retail shopping models as slow and inefficient. How can you react to the modern consumer? How do you merge existing systems with new technology to create an in-store experience designed for today’s shoppers?

Explore Fujitsu Frontech North America’s innovative retail solutions and learn about our cutting-edge store technology at NRF 2020. At our booth (#5604), you will be able to go hands on with products like the RFID walkthrough checkout and ConveniCash currency handling payment station.

ConveniCash Payment Station

Equipped with the GSR50 currency recycler, the Fujitsu ConveniCash payment station can deposit and withdrawal stacks of notes with lightning-quick speed. Available in nine different configurations to meet your specific cash-in, cash-out requirements, the ConveniCash payment station can be installed under the counter, at front of store or in back offices to allow for efficient cash counting and sorting. A business hours enclosure includes a programmable electronic lock standard and optional embedded CPU for intelligence, LCD touchscreen display for store associate or customer interaction and integrated thermal printer for receipts or paper audit trail.

PalmSecure Biometrics

Fujitsu PalmSecure is a biometric authentication technology that identifies and verifies individuals based on the unique palm vein patterns hidden under the skin. Palm vein biometric authentication is the only internal biometric modality, making it extremely secure and highly accurate. Users simply place the center of their palm two inches above Fujitsu’s F-Pro sensor for authentication within seconds. PalmSecure is being used today to identify members at banks and register patients at hospitals. In retail, PalmSecure has numerous applications, including sign on for cashiers and contactless payment for customers.

RFID Walkthrough Checkout

How fast can you check out? With Fujitsu’s RFID walkthrough checkout, you can scan all of your items and leave the store within seconds. The walkthrough RFID checkout leverages expertise and patent-pending technology from Fujitsu and Positek to provide you with the ability to offer your customers a seamless, secure self-service checkout solution. Fujitsu’s latest innovation uses state-of-the-art RFID technology for frictionless self-checkout. Simply use your palm to check in, then walk through the gate to scan and pay for your items. All items are automatically scanned as you walk through; there is no need to scan individual barcodes or remove the items from your shopping bag. See how this revolutionary solution can eliminate queues and improve customer satisfaction at NRF 2020.

U-Scan Mini-Express RFID

Self-checkout is not just for grocery and big box stores. The U-Scan Mini-Express RFID reinvents self-checkout at convenience stores and specialty retail. Customers simply place their shopping basket with items into the RFID basket and all products are scanned within seconds. Its compact, space-saving footprint allows for placement at front of store while maximizing merchandise and advertising space. The Mini-Express RFID is integrated with SML’s RFID inventory management system for easy integration at retail stores.

RFID Technology

Fujitsu continues to be at the forefront of RFID technology. The new generation UHF RFID linen tag is the smallest washable RFID tag in the world. At just 7mm wide, it is 30 percent smaller than the previous generation tag, allowing it to be placed discreetly into the seam of virtually any linen. Fujitsu’s new generation garment tag comes in an even smaller form factor and offers improved performance over its predecessor. RFID tags can be sewn into the seams of clothing or placed on product packaging to enable RFID scanning at checkout. Thousands of tagged items can be scanned simultaneously, allowing businesses to improve asset tracking and inventory management.

See Fujitsu’s Store Technology Innovations at NRF 2020

Fujitsu’s store technology innovations will be on the show floor in Booth #5604 at NRF 2020. Booth tours are available, but appointments are filling up fast. If you would like to schedule a booth tour with Fujitsu Frontech North America, contact us today at (877) 766-7545 or [email protected].

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