8 Applications for Fujitsu PalmSecure Biometrics

Fujitsu's PalmSecure biometric authentication has a wide range of uses, from consumer authentication in hospitals and financial institutions to door entry convenience and security.

Fujitsu offers biometric authentication in the form of Fujitsu PalmSecure, which scans the palm vein pattern hidden under the user’s skin to identify and verify. This biometric modality is extremely accurate and highly secure because palm vein patterns are unique to each individual and are virtually impossible to spoof.

There are myriad applications for PalmSecure biometric authentication. It is currently being used to register patients in hospitals, verify members at banks, manage transactions in retail back offices, and more. Let’s take a closer look at the most common applications for Fujitsu PalmSecure and how palm vein authentication streamlines these processes while reducing errors.

Consumer Authentication

At hospitals, eliminate duplicate medical records by having patients check in within seconds via palm vein scan. At financial institutions, improve the customer experience by replacing bank cards and PINs with palm vein scans. In retail, streamline the checkout process by integrating PalmSecure with loyalty rewards and payment.

Employee Time and Attendance

Biometric time and attendance systems for employers reduce errors and eliminate instances in which employees falsify time cards. Palm vein authentication is ideal for time and attendance because, unlike other biometric modalities, it is extremely accurate and hygienic.

Keyless Entry

Despite massive worldwide technological growth over hundreds of years, keys have essentially remained the same and are still widely used. Palm vein authentication brings security and convenience to door entry. Users can assign access to specific individuals and be assured that only those individuals’ unique palm vein patterns will unlock the entry.

Physical Access Control

Rather than carrying ID cards or punching in PINs, employees can access locked rooms or supply cabinets simply by using their palms. This is extremely valuable at healthcare institutions, where hygiene and assigning access to drug cabinets are top priorities.

Digital Access Control

Login information is susceptible to hacking and unreliable memories. With Fujitsu’s F-Pro suite of biometric authentication products – including the F-Pro Mouse – access to networks and PCs can be locked behind palm vein authentication.

Banking and ATM

Palm vein authentication integration gives bank and credit union members the peace of mind that only they can access their account. It also enhances the customer experience by eliminating the need to carry bank cards. Palm vein authentication can be integrated into ATMs, teller stations and more.

Retail Back Office

Security and access are the most important features in retail back offices, where cash is handled multiple times daily. Palm vein authentication integrated into retail back office currency management solutions helps retailers streamline operations, track cash, and manage access.

Safe Deposit Box

Financial institutions are gradually turning to biometric authentication in order to enhance the customer experience. With palm vein authentication integration in safe deposit boxes, banks offer high security user entry without requiring members to wait in line for a teller to let them in the safe area.

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Fujitsu is a global leader in palm vein biometrics. In the U.S. alone, more than 22 million healthcare patients are using Fujitsu PalmSecure for fast, reliable registration.

Fujitsu Frontech North America and its extensive network of partners offer highly reliable palm vein authentication devices and integration. For more information about PalmSecure products and integration, contact Fujitsu Frontech North America today at (877) 766-7545 or [email protected].

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