Hyosung partnered with Fujitsu to integrate PalmSecure for enhanced security

Hyosung’s Next Generation ATMs with Fujitsu PalmSecure Technology Revolutionize Industry

Full function, high-capacity self-service ATMs from Hyosung integrated with Fujitsu palm vein
biometric authentication technology for enhanced security

Hyosung is leading the evolution of self-service banking in retail and financial institutions. Through innovative technology and industry expertise, Hyosung engineers ATMs with the enhanced functionality and usability modern users expect.

Hyosung’s state-of-the-art ATM solutions are uniquely designed to optimize operations for businesses of all sizes. Every ATM product, service and support system is engineered for flexibility and reliability. The modular design allows technicians to easily swap parts, resulting in minimal down time and fast resolutions.

Traditional ATMs require forms of identification such as an ID card and password or PIN. However, those forms of ID are easy to lose, steal, share or forget. Fujitsu developed PalmSecure technology, a more secure form of biometric authentication which uses a unique characteristic that individuals always have with them and cannot be transferred: their palm veins.

For enhanced security, Hyosung partnered with Fujitsu to integrate PalmSecure biometric authentication technology into its ATMs. PalmSecure provides enhanced security to Hyosung’s MX8200QTN, MX8200QT, and MX8800 branch transformation self-service devices as well as its 7800 series and 8300 series ATMs.

“At Hyosung, our goal is to continually improve our product by applying real solutions that work. Fujitsu PalmSecure technology provides the security, reliability and innovation that has made us a world leader in the ATM marketplace,” Hee-Eun Ahn, CEO of Hyosung America, said.

Fujitsu’s PalmSecure biometric authentication technology is a contactless, hygienic form of biometric security that is easy to use and extremely accurate. It reads the palm vein patterns hidden under the skin to accurately identify and verify individuals. ATM users simply hold their hand two inches above the sensor to authenticate via their unique palm vein pattern and gain access to their account.

When a person places their hand above the PalmSecure sensor, it emits a near-infrared light that records the palm vein pattern and the sensor encrypts the received data. The encrypted data is transferred to the PC, and the software converts it to a biometric template and assigns it an individual key.

Palm vein authentication technology is the only internal biometric modality, making it virtually impossible to forge or spoof. With the presentation attack detection function and superior encryption, palm vein vascular recognition technology is the most secure form of biometric authentication. PalmSecure has significantly low false acceptance rates of 0.00001% and false rejection rates of 1%.

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