MIMO 200 Leverages Fujitsu G750L

MIMO 200 Leverages High Capacity, Fast
Performance of Fujitsu G750L Bill Recycler

MIMO’s back-office cash management system integrates Fujitsu G750L bill recycling component to enhance cash flow and improve bottom line

At retail locations, handling large volumes of cash is one of the most inefficient processes. Statistics show that managers spend more than 20 hours per week dealing with cash, while cashiers use more than 30 minutes per day handling currency.

The MIMO 200 cash recycler with Fujitsu G750 bill recycling unit elevates the currency-handling process by automating the entire cash room, from preparing banks and making change to validating drops and securing inventory.

“With G750 recycler integration, the MIMO 200 creates the best possible experience for cashiers and managers. Cashiers can dispense a till in less than a minute without the need for manager interference. For managers creating a daily bank deposit, this process can be completed in fifteen minutes or less,” said Pat Johnson, CEO of MIMO.

The high capacity and fast performance of the G750 makes it ideal for back office cash management systems and any environment that handles large sums of cash. With best-in-class bill validation, support for provisional credit and simplified maintenance, the G750 empowers users to enhance cash flow and improve bottom line.

MIMO 200 is a customized cash-handling solution featuring MIMO Core for full flexibility. Designed for seamless integration with MIMO’s Back Office software, MIMO 200 saves time, reduces loss, and prevents errors. With MIMO’s validation technology, customers have seen an ROI in as little as 12 months.

MIMO’s cloud-based Back Office software allows users to view inventory, access custom reports, manage alerts, and track activity in real-time. With MIMO 200, the entire cash room is right at your fingertips.

Fujitsu G750L Currency Recycling Component

The G750L bill recycling unit raises the bar when it comes to speed, capacity and reliability in a high-end currency management system for the OEM sales channel. Leveraging proven Fujitsu technology, the G750L has large capacities and greater flexibility that smaller recyclers lack. The G750L can support up to 13,500 notes in full recycle mode (5 recycle cassettes) or up to 10,800 notes (4 recycle cassettes) for recycling and up to 3,000 notes in a secured depository. In addition, the G750L offers a very robust, lockable and removable 1,000 note reject cassette that can collect unfit, counterfeit or non-recycled currency.

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