Palm Vein Authentication

Palm Vein Authentication Technology Driving Human Centric Innovation

What is Fujitsu PalmSecure?

Fujitsu PalmSecure is a biometric authentication system based on vascular recognition technology. It uses the vein patterns that reside underneath the skin of an individual’s palm to create a unique biometric signature and accurately verify a person’s identity.

PalmSecure technology has been manufactured by Fujitsu for more than 12 years. It is currently being used to successfully identify millions of patients and staff at medical facilites, members at banks, students and faculty in education, and individuals in government, fitness, manufacturing, hospitality and more.

It works using Fujitsu’s F-Pro Sensor. Individuals simply hold their palm two inches above the F-Pro sensor for secure authentication within seconds. PalmSecure authentication delivers contactless identity verification with extremely low false acceptance rates (0.00001%).

Fujitsu has introduced more than 33 versions of the SDK software that powers PalmSecure, continually enhancing both the authentication accuracy of palms and authentication speed. Currently, Fujitsu PalmSecure is the only palm vein authentication technology on the market.

Why choose PalmSecure?


Palm vein authentication technology is the only internal biometric modality, making it virtually impossible to forge or spoof. Vascular recognition technology, which detects the blood flow under the skin, includes presentation attach detection and superior encryption for the most secure form of biometric authentication. Compared to finger vein authentication, palm vein technology has 10 times the data points for superior security.


The technology is applicable to all users, regardless of age, ethnicity, and other demographical statistics. PalmSecure has significantly low false acceptance rates of 0.00001% and false read rates of 0.01%. External factors such as abrasions, hair, skin conditions, and water or lotions have little impact on the technology’s ability to recognize an individual’s identity.


The operation of palm vein authentication technology is completely contactless and easy to use. Users simply hold their palm two inches above the sensor for fast identity verification. The hygienic operation makes PalmSecure technology ideal for all environments where health and safety of individual members, staff, patients, customers, and users is a concern.

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