How Self-Checkout Security Enhances Loss Prevention

Prevent the rise of external shrinkage by getting ahead of the curve with enhanced self-checkout security. Using A.I. technology retailers maintains accuracy and flexibility in staff reallocation while meeting your customers demands.

Self-checkout has some obvious advantages, but an important benefit that is often overlooked is how self-checkout enhances security and loss prevention for retailers. Most people know that self-checkout offers convenience, comfort, and autonomy over the shopping experience, which many customers tend to prefer. However, retailers may find the business benefits of self-checkout to be more important to their bottom line, including enhanced security measures with theft detection and loss prevention, efficient cash-handling, and reallocation of staff to more important tasks. With major advancements in technology over the past few years, A.I. has become an extremely valuable tool for business owners in enhancing security at self-checkout lanes, while also unlocking new methods of loss prevention that are more efficient and less expensive than older security measures.

Self-Checkout and the Rise of “External Shrinkage”

A major concern for retailers have with self-checkout is the potential for increased shrinkage at self-checkout lanes. External shrinkage refers to theft or cases of shoplifting that occurs by shoppers. Whether it’s ticket switching—the process of marking an expensive item as a lower priced item–or scan avoidance—pretending to scan an item without actually scanning it–there are many ways that theft and shoplifting occurs at checkout, regardless of using self-checkout or attendant lanes.

Rather than expecting store staff to catch instances of ticket switching and scan avoidance, retailers can now turn to advanced A.I. technology for self-checkout security. Fuijtsu’s U-SCAN Vision can identify instances of potential theft and immediately alert attendants, all in ways that do not automatically accuse the shopper of stealing. Store staff can then quickly and easily resolve the issue with the shopper.

Making Self-Checkout Security Work for Your Retail Environment  

Self-checkout is a rapidly growing expectation for shoppers. It is no longer a customer preference; it’s a demand. To adapt at the speed of demand, retailers have to be able to find self-checkout security solutions that integrate easily with existing systems and fit nicely into their current retail environments. As part of Fujitsu’s S3 Self-Service Simplified solutions, the U-SCAN VersaMount takes lane lights to the next level by offering the ability to easily mount A.I. and security cameras, monitors, and more. With the VersaMount the level of security at self-checkout or manned lanes increases and provides a level of awareness to the shopper that they are being monitored for theft. This makes integrating new security enhancements simple and cost-effective.

Maintaining Accuracy and Preventing Internal Theft

To be effective, self-checkout security needs to go beyond ticket switching and scan avoidance. Retailers also need to secure themselves from internal and external shrinkage associated with cash handling. Manual cash handling leads to theft and is prone to mistakes, leading to losses for the retailer. With automated cash handling, store staff never have to handle cash. Fujitsu cash automation solutions are secure, accurate, and reliable. Not only does automated cash management eliminate loss and risk of internal theft, but it also reduces transaction times and enhances CIT processes, improving the customer experience and reducing staff labor.

Staff Reallocation and Customer Convenience

Now with enhanced security measures in place at self-checkout, retailers can improve the shopping experience, provide a better working environment for store employees and operate their business with a peace of mind. Customers reap the benefits with reduced queues and autonomy over their shopping experience. Staff can be allocated to important tasks that maintain efficiency in store operations and focus on the serving the customer, better serving your business’ bottom line.

Bring Enhanced Self-Checkout Security to Your Store Now

Self-checkout does not mean less security for retailers. Take this chance to explore Fujitsu’s advanced A.I. technology, cash management solutions, and enhanced security features that improve your bottom line and realize rapid ROI with self-checkout.

To learn more about Fujitsu’s A.I. Technology and self-checkout security features, contact us today at (877) 766-7545 or [email protected].

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