Source Technologies integrates Fujitsu

Source Technologies Uses Fujitsu G750L Cash Recycler and PalmSecure in New 10-Series Kiosk

Innovative self-service kiosk from Source Technologies integrates Fujitsu products to provide retail branches with modern solution.

Using extensive feedback from its customers and partners, Source Technologies a leading provider of self-service kiosk solutions for financial institutions, retail locations and government entities, developed its convenience-oriented 10-Series kiosk with Fujitsu’s G750L cash recycler component and PalmSecure biometric authentication system.

The evolutionary in-branch true self-service kiosk was designed to provide members with the best possible customer experience at retail branches. The 10-Series kiosk can perform a full complement of teller transactions quickly and efficiently.

“Leveraging the latest technology to improve productivity and enhance the customer experience is critical when implementing self-service kiosks at branches,” Miles Busby, CRO of Source Technologies, said.

“Fujitsu products allow Source Technologies to deliver reliable, world-class solutions to our clients and their customers,” he added.

Source Technologies’ 10-Series kiosk is an excellent fit for modernizing banks transitioning to full self-service transactions. Leveraging the kiosk’s leading technology, including a direct CORE integration, allows branches to optimize productivity and improve customer service.

Fujitsu G750L

Its compact design and combination of speed and reliability make the Fujitsu G750L ideal for handling large sums of cash. Up to 200 notes can be placed in the module of the high capacity currency management system for validating, sorting and storing within seconds. With support for up to five recycle cassettes, the G750L makes storing and recycling notes simple and hassle-free.

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