Vault Logic Integrates Fujitsu GSR50

Vault Logic Integrates Fujitsu GSR50 Cash Recycler with F400 for High Performance Cash Handling

Equipped with the GSR50 Currency Recycling component, Vault Logic’s Cash as a Service (CaaS) Smart ATM offers high capacity cash handling in a small footprint

ATMs have struggled to keep up with rapidly advancing technology and the need for increased security. The rise of digital wallets and cryptocurrency has changed the way people perform financial transactions, while security has moved beyond memorizing passwords and PINs. Consumers expect more from self-service kiosks.

Vault Logic’s F400 Next Gen ATM successfully addresses those challenges by combining legacy ATM services with obsolete-proof technology and integration with Fujitsu’s GSR50 Currency Recycler component.

The F400 is built on an extensible software platform that provides a smartphone like experience. It is capable of running third-party applications designed for actions such as shopping, paying bills, and buying and selling cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and RavenCoin. Applications can access the machine’s cash-in and cashout abilities through the Cash as a Service (CaaS) model.

For cash withdrawal or deposit transactions, Vault Logic integrated the Fujitsu GSR50 currency recycling component. The GSR50 offers high capacity currency handling with quick withdrawals and deposits to meet the demands of today’s users. Equipped with the GSR50, the base model F400 can vault up to 7,860 notes.

“We’re excited to partner with Fujitsu for one of our main components: the GSR50 cash recycler. The Fujitsu GSR50 sets the F400 apart in the industry because of its high capacity and reliablity,” said Tim Rocho, CEO of Vault Logic.

The F400 is designed for secure access. With three internal keyless software controlled vaults, and tamper-proof, offline, auditable OTP smart locks with Bluetooth-enabled access, the F400 only provides access to approved users. The GSR50 currency recycler also offers locks for individual cassettes for maximum security.

Fujitsu GSR50 Currency Recycling Component

The GSR50 is a highly reliable currency recycling module which is configurable to meet the requirements of OEMs and integrators who specialize in high performance verticals. With its greater capacities and small footprint, the GSR50 makes currency recycling a viable option in a number of self-service applications. Best-in-class bill validation quickly and accurately verifies currency denominations and detects and separates counterfeit notes. For security, the GSR50 can also support serial number recognition and is available with locks for each cassette.

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