what is a cash recycler

What is a Cash Recycler?

What is a cash recycler? A cash recycler is a device that makes your business more efficient by automating cash handling.

If you’re involved in a business that performs a large number of cash transactions every day, you may be wondering “what is a cash recycler, and how can it make my business more efficient?”

A cash recycler handles all necessary cash management by performing two important tasks: accepting cash and dispensing cash. Cash recyclers also keep accurate counts of cash on hand and securely store money in vaults. With about 40 percent of payments being made with cash today, efficient cash handling is still extremely important.

By automating and streamlining manual cash-handling processes, a cash recycler makes cash management simple and thus improves operational efficiency and employee productivity. Using a cash recycler to perform cash-handling duties also eliminates loss associated with manually handling cash.

Cash recyclers can be deployed anywhere manual cash handling is typically performed, including at self-checkout and manned lanes in retail stores, at banks and credit unions, in casino back-office cash rooms, in ATMs and automated kiosks, and more.

How does a cash recycler work?

Now that you know what is a cash recycler, you may be wondering if these machines are easy to operate. From a user perspective, cash recyclers are extremely simple. In fact, it is as easy as inserting cash and/or taking cash out in most cases. Advanced technology used to validate bills means that cash recyclers take the pressure off of employees to identify counterfeit notes and help businesses secure their bottom line.

To deposit money, banknotes are placed into a feeder. Depending on your needs, this can be done by a team member or directly by the customer. The cash recycler will pass the bills through internal bill validation sensors to determine the denomination and validity of the notes. Invalid or counterfeit bills are returned to the user, while valid bills are sorted and stored in separate cassettes or modules for use in future transactions. The best cash recyclers also are equipped with a high-capacity deposit box to collect high-denomination banknotes and excess cash, thereby simplifying processes associated with Cash-In-Transit (CIT) and reducing CIT costs. For withdrawals, a cash recycler will dispense banknotes that are stored in the storage cassettes.

Because they are so easy to use, businesses can easily introduce cash recyclers into their existing processes with little to no training for staff.

What is a cash recycler’s advantage for businesses?

Cash recycling improves staff productivity, increases operational efficiency, and enhances the customer experience. With a cash recycler, the time it takes for each transaction is reduced to seconds. Cash recycling eliminates the need to manually handle cash, meaning both customers and staff will not have to spend time counting and re-counting money. Not only does this eliminate loss associated with manual cash counting, it also enables staff to focus on more important tasks, such as customer relations and improving sales.

In fact, experts say that cash recyclers have proven results for businesses, such as reducing cash-in-transit visits by 20 percent and reduced service calls by up to 30 percent due to reduced error rates.

By empowering businesses to redeploy labor, improve cash handling processes, and maximize cash inventory, cash recyclers provide businesses with unprecedented flexibility to meet the quickly-evolving needs of today’s customers.

Why choose a Fujitsu cash recycler?

Fujitsu Frontech North America has been a leading provider of OEM cash management systems for more than 30 years. Fujitsu’s suite of cash recyclers provides end-users with the security, convenience, and reliability they need, while advanced feature functionality offers true value-add and maximum flexibility.

Built to adopt with the constantly-evolving demands of today’s cash-handling environments, products like the GSR50 bill recycler are designed for configurability and high capacity in a small footprint. With greater capacities, the GSR50 is the ideal cash recycling solution for teller assist, ATMs, self-checkout, bill payment, and retail cash management environments.

Improve efficiency with cash recycling

At Fujitsu, our full line of flexible cash recyclers can be configured to meet your specific cash management needs. Fujitsu cash recyclers are some of the most trusted by businesses throughout the world. Contact us today at (877) 766-7545 or [email protected] to find out how cash recycling can improve your bottom line now.

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